1. Trailer Tuition in Coventry


Access trailer tuition provide  B + E (car and trailer) training in Nuneaton, Coventry, and the surrounding area.

The B + E (car and trailer) test was first brought out after changes in the trailer towing law. The new trailer towing law requires anyone who passed their driving test after the 1st of January 1997 to take a D.S.A B + E trailer towing test to tow a caravan, horsebox or trailer over 750 kgs gross weight.

Access trailer tuition also offers car and trailer training to drivers who already hold the B + E category on their licence, but just want to have some training so they feel confident enough to tow their own trailer, caravan or horsebox on the road.

Access trailer tuition offers car and trailer tuition in Warwickshire, which will fully prepare you for safely towing your trailer, caravan or horsebox, and also giving you the skills you need to pass your D.S.A trailer towing test. Here at Access trailer tuition we can even book your trailer towing test for you.


The D.S.A B + E trailer towing test


The car and trailer test consists of a few different elements, which you will need to carry out confidently, and safely in order to pass the test. You will need to answer correctly some show me tell me questions, complete a reversing, and a braking exercise, and show how to re-couple and un-couple the car and trailer. You will also need to drive out on the road over a mixed route around Leicester, completing an up hill and down hill start, and demonstrating how to move off and stop safely and under control.

The exercises you need to complete in order to pass the trailer towing test are very similar to your car test, only with a trailer on the back. But don't worry if you have trained for your trailer towing test with Access trailer tuition you will have learnt, and practiced all the skills needed to pass the trailer towing test.

Access trailer tuition covers all areas of Nuneaton, and Coventry. We can provide you with a car, and trailer to use for your training, and for your practical test. We are also happy to teach you in own vehicle and trailer, caravan or horsebox.


If you would like more information about trailer tuition in Leicestershire, or for more information about the prices then please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


The prices for Trailer Tuition


The cost for an assessment lesson will be £25 for an hour (optional).

The cost for a two day course is £500, and the test will be on the second day.

The cost for a three day course is £691, and the test will be on the third day.

The cost for a four day course is £883, and the test will be on the forth day.

B+E training prices are per course, per person, based on two people sharing; they will have four hours driving each.

The courses will run 8am to 4pm, and then two hours driving by themselves prior to the test.

The prices also includes the test at the current rate of £115.00

*No VAT*


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